Reliability Engineering by ProxySQL

Need some reliability engineering?

Lets talk, we’re ready to tackle the complexities of any database service infrastructure hands-on 24x7x365 with advanced expertise in high-availability for MySQL!

Coupled with our advanced performance monitoring and fault management platform, the ProxySQL reliability engineering team identifies high risk patterns in your MySQL environment preventing outages, minimizing service impact and ensuring your database environment runs flawlessly.

We provide all the tools and services needed to automate your database infrastructure: Infrastructure as Code (IaC), data management (archiving and purging), backup strategies, partition management and more!

All our tooling can be integrated fully into a continuous integration environment tailored to your technical needs for complete control and operational visibility.

Get immediate assistance on operational activities for an unlimited number of servers with our time-based pricing options.

What do you get?

  • Database architecture & solution design
  • Installation, upgrades, configuration, tuning and troubleshooting of ProxySQL, MySQL and related technology
  • Database schema management and migration support
  • Routine database maintenance and overnight activities
  • Implementation of high availability and failover automation
  • Continuous integration environment implementation
  • Data sharding and tailored database automation
  • Management of backups and recovery, (on-premise or in the cloud)
  • Regular DB Performance audits
  • Deployment of proactive performance monitoring graphs, fault management & alerting
  • Project or operational outsourcing
  • Source code management of database infrastructure scripts

What is supported?

  • ProxySQL

  • MySQL / MariaDB Server

  • Amazon Aurora & RDS

  • Galera Cluster

  • Percona Server

  • Percona XtraDB Cluster

  • MySQL InnoDB Cluster

  • MySQL Group Replication

  • MySQL NDB Cluster

  • ClickHouse

  • MHA

  • Orchestrator

  • Ansible

  • Consul

  • C/C++

  • Python

  • Docker

  • Kubernetes

  • Jenkins

  • Grafana

  • Prometheus

  • Nagios

  • Sensu

  • Datadog