ProxySQL’s Consultancy on Flexible Terms

As your business grows database performance becomes crucial to your application’s performance and reliability. ProxySQL’s experts are highly proficient in all matters related to ProxySQL, especially the database services it was built to scale.

At ProxySQL we provide expert, hands on consulting to help ensure that your mission critical applications stay up

Consulting engagements include

Performance Auditing or Health Checks

A comprehensive review of your database environment coupled with recommendations to improve the quality and reliability of your database services

Solution Architecture and Design

Best practices tailored to your environment ensuring your database service architecture is implemented according to our high standards

Data Sharding, Archiving and Partitioning

Proven methodologies to horizontally scale your database services and efficiently access data as your dataset grows

Database Service Automation

Cut down your operational costs by implementing automation for routine administrative and operation database tasks

Performance Tuning

Fine tuning of your ProxySQL and database services environment to optimize your configuration according to the application workload and performance needs

High Availability

We want you to have several nines of uptime. Leverage our knowledge and experience to meet and maintain your annual SLA performance targets

Security Audit

Examine your current environment to identify vulnerabilities and ensure your database services are guarded with our extensive security audit

Deployment Support

Assistance when you need our help rolling out a new ProxySQL fleet or require immediate support for production issues

Data Migrations and Version Upgrades

Migrating from a non-MySQL database or upgrading to a new version? Get us involved at any point in your project.

Areas of technical expertise

  • ProxySQL

  • MySQL / MariaDB Server

  • Amazon AWS Aurora / RDS

  • Galera Cluster

  • Percona Server

  • Percona XtraDB Cluster

  • MySQL InnoDB Cluster

  • MySQL Group Replication

  • MySQL NDB Cluster

  • ClickHouse

  • MHA

  • Orchestrator

  • Ansible

  • Consul

  • Docker

  • Kubernetes

  • Grafana

  • Prometheus

  • Nagios

  • Sensu

  • Datadog