The story so far…

It all started with René Cannaò’s initial release of ProxySQL, a GPLv3 licensed open source project in 2013.

The biggest influence on the design of ProxySQL is its main goal and mantra:

Maximizing the Performance & Scalability of the Database

Shortly after the initial releases, the project’s popularity grew at a surprisingly fast rate as user success stories started spreading across the MySQL community. As the project feature requests grew so did the project, almost exponentially! It was clear that ProxySQL had achieved widespread adoption in mission critical environments. Market demands for ProxySQL consulting services and official product support gave rise to ProxySQL LLC.

Over the years and owing to the community’s warm reception of our company we have steadily grown and extended activities to database reliability engineering, consulting, development and training as well. Our software and services continue to grow serving countless industries globally. All this has all helped to make every release of ProxySQL better than the last.

Our efforts are focused on providing high performance products and tailored services to help our customers and community users increase their operational efficiency while driving down the total cost of ownership.

The Executive Team

Jesmar Cannaò COO | René Cannaò CEO