ProxySQL will be taking part in the upcoming EsLibre, open source event on the 18th & 19th of September. The date also coincides with ‘Software Freedom Day’ which celebrates Free Software, all over the world.

ProxySQL’s Senior Developer, Javier Jaramango Fernandez, will be discussing ‘Introduction to ProxySQL’, focusing on the importance of limiting downtime as much as possible, as well as, the tools ProxySQL offers and how you can use them to improve your infrastructure.

The talk will focus on the introduction of ProxySQL as a project, its characteristics, and the basic topology for its use.
Real-time examples and how to use them will also be discussed, such as:

  • Zero-downtime configuration changes – ProxySQL offers three configuration layers: memory, disk and runtime. Each of these layers can be configured dynamically, with zero downtime.
    • We will configure ProxySQL live, and show how these changes are made and promoted.
  • Application level proxy – ProxySQL isn’t just a load balancer, it understands the MySQL protocol providing end-to-end MySQL connection handling, real-time statistics and database traffic inspection.
    • We will demonstrate how to easily configure ProxySQL to perform as a load-balancer against a MySQL cluster, and make use of his statistics.
  • Database Firewall – ProxySQL is able to act as a SQL firewall, offering more configuration granularity in how to define access and protections to our databases.
    • We will configure simple rules and test how ProxySQL protects our cluster from non authorized accesses or queries.
  • Advanced Query Rules – ProxySQL allows you to define complex routing rules for queries, and to cache the result of these.
    • We will create simple routing rules and verify how ProxySQL is able to redirect our queries inside our MySQL Cluster.
  • Failover detection – ProxySQL is able to automatically detect changes in the topology of the cluster which is monitoring, and to redirect traffic based on these changes.
    • We will use a Galera cluster, as an example to see how ProxySQL monitors it, and react to changes in his topology.
  • Mirroring / Read consistency / Etc… !
    • We will describe briefly in the remaining time more interesting features that ProxySQL offers.

Join Javier at EsLibre, for ‘Introduction to ProxySQL’