We’re very excited to open up our ProxySQL Total Training online course to the public!

Get yourself, or your team, trained by our Professional ProxySQL Trainers who have built and actively maintain ProxySQL in our upcoming total Training course.

Designed for DBAs, application developers and IT professionals in the industry, the course will focus on real world implementation and hands-on labs that will ensure you acquire the needed skills to deploy efficient, scalable and highly available solutions with ProxySQL!

Immerse yourself in the world of ProxySQL with our two-day ProxySQL Total Training.

ProxySQL Total Training topics include:

  • ProxySQL use cases and real world examples
  • How to install, upgrade and configure ProxySQL with zero-downtime
  • Query routing, query caching and query fire-walling
  • Advanced performance monitoring and tuning
  • Deployment and scaling best practices
  • High Availability and advanced ProxySQL topology support
  • ProxySQL Cluster and configuration management
  • Failover in synchronous & asynchronous replication environments without losing transactions
  • Global Transaction ID (GTID) tracking with ProxySQL and the binary log (binlog) reader
  • Securing ProxySQL and implementing SSL
  • Application development considerations when using ProxySQL
  • Diagnosing issues and troubleshooting ProxySQL

Public 2x Day Training Details:

Dates: 21st-22nd July 2020
Time: 8am-4pm EST (UTC-5)
Where: Online

Class size is limited and filling up. If you are interested in Online Public Training, please contact us here to book your spot in the upcoming session scheduled for: 21st-22nd July 2020, 8am-4pm EST (UTC-5)