Support for MySQL 8.0

ProxySQL supports MySQL 8.0 , although there are some limitations:

  1. Starting with MySQL 8.0.4, the default authentication plugin for MySQL server was changed from mysql_native_password to caching_sha2_password. ProxySQL doesn’t yet support caching_sha2_password.
    For this reason, the MySQL server needs to be configured using mysql_native_password. See the doc for further details.
  2. ProxySQL doesn’t accept connections (frontend connections and connections to Admin) if the client tries to use the caching_sha2_password authentication plugin. If clients are using libmysqlclient from MySQL 8.0 (that defaults to caching_sha2_password), they must explicitly use mysql_native_password.
    You can specify default-auth=mysql_native_password in my.cnf in the section[mysql] or [client], or specify it on the command line.
    For example, to connect to Admin:

Both notes above are not valid anymore for recent versions of ProxySQL 2.0