ProxySQL is proud to announce the release of the latest stable version of ProxySQL 2.0.11 on 30th of April 2020

ProxySQL is a high performance, high availability, protocol aware proxy for MySQL, with a GPL license! It can be downloaded here or alternatively from the ProxySQL Repository, and freely usable and accessible according to the GNU GPL v3.0 license.

New Release Information

This release, and all releases going forward are going to be made available using a different approach with regards to what is going to be included. The goal is to ensure that we maintain a predictable monthly release cycle which is becoming more challenging with the increased rate of feature requests.

Please expect to see fewer backward compatible features being introduced into the patched releases (e.g. 2.0.11). These features, along with features that may include incompatible changes, will be grouped and added into minor releases (e.g. 2.1) or major releases (e.g. 3) depending on the nature of the changes.

Release Overview Highlights

  • Upgraded libssl from version 1.1.0h to 1.1.1d
  • Added root CA certificate into the SSL context: #2605
  • Added X509V3 basic constraints required for CA certificate #2622
  • Implemented fast routing lookup without username (table mysql_query_rules_fast_routing) #2635
  • Added signal handler installation when running in the foreground #2636
  • Completely rewritten how session variables are handled. This improves performance and correctness of session variables in backend connections.
  • Implemented systemctl start proxysql-initial to re-initialize proxysql from its config file
  • Enabled --idle-threads by default #2638
Bug Fixes:
  • When SSL was enabled for both frontend and backend connections, some incorrect state was causing connections to be dropped
  • libmariaclient was incorrectly returning error 2019 when SSL connections were failing
  • Fixed two distinct crashing bugs when IPv6 was enabled #2313 and #2576
  • Backend connections were not closed during a failover if fast_forward was in use #2590
  • Fixed 2 memory leaks in libmariadbclient #2623
  • Fixed a crashing bug triggered by libgnutls #2628
  • It was not possible to use unix socket domain if gtid_port was 0 #1923
  • It was not possible to enable MULTI_STATEMENT if multiplexing was disabled #2631
  • Fixed various bugs related to Galera and PXC #2671 #2673 and #2701

NOTE: Detailed release notes and package along with their checksums for ProxySQL 2.0.11 are available on the release page

A special thanks to all the people that report bugs: this makes each version of ProxySQL better than the previous. Please report any bugs or feature requests on the project’s Github issue tracker.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Our performance and scalability experts are readily available to evaluate the overall state your database infrastructure and help to build a robust and reliable MySQL HA architecture. We also offer consulting, long term support and training for ProxySQL.

Authored by: Nick Vyzas