Releasing ProxySQL 1.4.7

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ProxySQL 1.4.7

Proudly announcing the release of the latest stable release of ProxySQL 1.4.7 as of the 14th March 2018.

ProxySQL is a high performance, high availability, protocol aware proxy for MySQL. It can be downloaded here, and freely usable and accessible according to GPL license.

ProxySQL 1.4.7 includes a number of important improvements and bug fixes including:

New features:

  • Added MySQL Query Rules Fast Routing which extends MySQL Query Rules to provide immediate routing based on user & schema (especially important when supporting a large number of schemas). Details of this feature will be described in a future blog post.
  • Added new metrics for hostgroup manager and frontend queries, specifically:
    • MyHGM_myconnpoll_destroy
    • MyHGM_myconnpoll_get
    • MyHGM_myconnpoll_get_ok
    • MyHGM_myconnpoll_push
    • MyHGM_myconnpoll_reset
    • Queries_frontends_bytes_recv
    • Queries_frontends_bytes_sent
  • Implemented querying of stats_mysql_global status variables using SELECT @@ syntax #1375
  • Added the monitor_read_only_max_timeout_count variable to allow multiple attempts on read only check #1206

Bug fixes:

  • Add rw lock to ensure metadata aren't updated while running STMT_PREPARE_RESPONSE
  • MyComQueryCmd not initialized could cause crash #1370
  • Incorrect parsing of SET NAMES ... COLLATE #1357
  • Embed main-bundle.min.css in web UI #1354
  • Handle additional whitespace parse error case on SET commands #1373
  • Reset connection creation time on CHANGE USER #1393
  • Added fix for utf8_unicode_ci in MariaDB Client Connector C #1396
  • Fixed a bug where a server disappears when RO=1 becomes RO=0 (similar to #1039)

A special thanks to all the people that reports bugs: this makes each version of ProxySQL better than the previous one.

Please report any bugs or feature requests on github issue tracker