Releasing ProxySQL 1.4.2

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ProxySQL 1.4.2

Releasing ProxySQL 1.4.2

ProxySQL is a high performance, high availability, protocol aware proxy for MySQL, with a GPL license!

Today I am excited to announce the release of ProxySQL 1.4.2, the second stable release of series 1.4.x .

Binaries are available here .

This release introduce several bug fixes and enhancements compared to previous version:

  • introduced experimental native Cluster solution
  • fixes random failure in handling PREPARE #1169
  • don't use connections from connection pool for fast_forward users #1157
  • reset SQL_MODE and TIME_ZONE when a connection is reset #1160
  • added reload command in init script #1154
  • several improvements to Galera checker #1158 and #981
  • adds option autocommit_false_not_reusable #1144
  • does not return ERR for MYSQL_OPTION_MULTI_STATEMENTS_ON #1122
  • fix compiling issue in FreeBSD
  • reintroduced binaries for Ubuntu12
  • fixed memory leaks in auxiliary threads
  • several performance improvements

The most important news is the clustering solution built-in directly into ProxySQL .
A series of blog post will follow with further details.
Stay tuned!!

Once again, a special thanks to all the people that reports bugs and submit pull request: this makes each version of ProxySQL better than the previous one.
Please report any bugs or feature requests on github issue tracker