Releasing ProxySQL 1.4.13

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ProxySQL 1.4.13

Proudly announcing the release of the latest stable release of ProxySQL 1.4.13 as of the 26th of November 2018.

ProxySQL is a high performance, high availability, protocol aware proxy for MySQL. Freely usable and accessible according to GPL license and can be downloaded here or using the APT / YUM repos listed in the project's Github WIKI.

ProxySQL 1.4.13 includes a number of important improvements and bug fixes including:

  • Added support for KILL commands, both KILL QUERY and KILL CONNECTION #860
  • Read configuration for mysql_group_replication_hostgroups from config file #1718
  • Reduce log verbosity when reading from runtime_mysql_servers
  • Better input validation during Authentication
  • Avoid a crash if running an empty query on Admin
  • When chaining multiple proxysql instances, CHANGE_USER command wasn't tracked properly
  • Implemented error handling for all calls to pthread_create #1768
  • Use SO_REUSEPORT for Admin connections #1723
  • Fixed a crash when using prepared statements and JSON #1638
  • Added support for utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci collation #1708

The related issues/commits can be found in the v1.4.13 release.

A special thanks to all the people that report bugs: this makes each version of ProxySQL better than the previous one.

Please report any bugs or feature requests on github issue tracker

Authored by: Nick Vyzas