Releasing ProxySQL 1.4.10

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ProxySQL 1.4.10

Proudly announcing the release of the latest stable release of ProxySQL 1.4.10 as of the 6th of August 2018.

ProxySQL is a high performance, high availability, protocol aware proxy for MySQL. Freely usable and accessible according to GPL license and can be downloaded here or using the APT / YUM repos listed in the project's Github WIKI.

ProxySQL 1.4.10 includes a number of important improvements and bug fixes including:

  • Fixed a bug related to FreeBSD compile #1536
  • Various memory leaks addressed
  • Better handling of connect_timeout_server_max
  • ProxySQL now exits if unable to the specified config on startup
  • Fixed /sbin in $PATH #1597
  • If a backend generates errors while running queries, implement the same logic of errors during connections
  • Handled cases in which dbname in HandshakeResponse41 is not null terminated
  • Fixed STMT_SEND_LONG_DATA processing which was incorrectly reading data from the STMT_EXECUTE packet, causing corruption of any subsequent parameters.
  • Report a warning if mysql-query_digests=false #1591
  • Disabled unnecessary options from builtin curl compile
  • Use SELECT @@global.read_only for monitoring to avoid contention/locking issues #1621
  • Add randomness when scheduling backend monitor checks #1630
  • Do not decrease count of used connection when connection was rejected #1626
  • Kill backend connections using KILL when a client disconnects, added global variable mysql-kill_backend_connection_when_disconnect
  • Fixed a bug to prevent proxysql from hanging when sending query to server is slow
  • Define CLOCK_MONOTONIC as CLOCK_SYSTEM when not defined #1571

The related issues/commits can be found in the v1.4.10 release.

A special thanks to all the people that report bugs: this makes each version of ProxySQL better than the previous one.

Please report any bugs or feature requests on github issue tracker

Authored by: Nick Vyzas