ProxySQL 2.0.9

ProxySQL is proud announce the release of the latest stable version of ProxySQL 2.0.9 on 17th of February 2020.

ProxySQL is a high performance, high availability, protocol aware proxy for MySQL, with a GPL license! It can be downloaded here or alternatively from the ProxySQL Repository, and freely usable and accessible according to the GNU GPL v3.0 license.

Release Overview Highlights

  • Introduced new variables mysql-monitor_groupreplication_max_transactions_behind_count to disable backend node in a Group Replication cluster only if the node was behind beyond that threshold
  • Upgraded mariadb client connector from version 3.0.2 to 3.1.4 fixing several bugs
  • Introduced feature to save the MySQL query digest history to disk.
  • Upgraded clickhouse-cpp library to support additional data types
  • New feature to generate configuration files has been added generate configuration file (text format) in 2 ways:
    • Executing the query SELECT CONFIG INTO OUTFILE /path/to/file
    • Executing the query SELECT CONFIG FILE and save the resultset to file, for example mysql -padmin -uadmin -h127.0.0.1 -P6032 -e 'select config file' > /path/to/file
  • Support for a new min_gtid annotation , so that client can specify the minimum GTID set to execute a query on a replica, when combined with binlog reader
  • Further enhancements and features added related to AWS Aurora module
  • Improvements and fixes related to Web module
  • Several improvements added to SQLite3 Server module
  • Implemented firewall whitelist
  • Implemented SQL injection engine
  • Introduced a new REST API (not feature completed and still under development) that will allow further extension of ProxySQL capabilities. Details of the implementation are available in the wiki .
  • Several important patches, bug fixes and security updates.


  • Deprecated the use of google-coredumper : this allows to compile on ARM processor, and should allow to compile on BSD systems
  • Deprecated Debian 7 and CentOS / RHEL 6 support

NOTE: Detailed release notes for ProxySQL 2.0.9 listing the complete set of improvements and fixes are available on the release page

A special thanks to all the people that report bugs: this makes each version of ProxySQL better than the previous. Please report any bugs or feature requests on the project’s Github issue tracker.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Our performance and scalability experts are readily available to analyze your infrastructure and help to build a robust and reliable MySQL HA architecture. We also offer consulting, long term support and training for ProxySQL.

Authored by: Nick Vyzas