In recent weeks, we have seen a huge ramp up in ProxySQL usage, from various industries, like healthcare, companies that help you work at home, online teaching and learning, as well as shopping sites that help you get your grocery basics. We have on boarded a lot of new clients to help them handle the unprecedented load that they are facing during these times.

companies using proxysql

A selection of the companies we have helped scale

If you are a MySQL (or MariaDB Server or Percona Server for MySQL) user and you’re facing issues keeping up with the surge in your online traffic, we are experienced at solving those problems and you would be remiss to not contact us at

We are the makers of ProxySQL, a high performance MySQL proxy, which acts as a Swiss Army Knife for proxying, query routing, and more. It was built by DBAs for DBAs. Beyond building and releasing ProxySQL, we have been offering services to some of the largest sites out there (from remote DBA services, to consulting and even 24/7 support). It is no surprise that ProxySQL powers and scales some of the largest sites out there in various industries: e-commerce, finance, healthcare, online advertising, infrastructure as a service players, software as a service (SaaS) providers, and even gaming.

Stay safe in these times.